Against the current war hysteria

Paris Afterthought (by Dr Burkhard Luber, hubluber@web.de)

The only way to abandon the military vs terror escalation is a new Western policy towards the Arabic world generally and towards the Middle East specifically. The failure of waging war from the West against Iraq (with unjustified arguments) and against Afghanistan is obvious. The disaster of Western arms export to this region is obvious too. Without both of these failed strategies the IS would not exist. Now we are in an asymetrical "war". You cannot win asymetrical wars with weapons escalation as the Vietcong victory against US has shown. And for each IS member killed by Western bombing sorties, three other persons will come to the IS recruiting camps. Necessary is instead a new political perspective from the West towards the Middle East and the Arabic world which has to be based on honesty, mutual respect and attentive listening instead of blindness, enemy images and cultural arrogance. Victory over the IS will only come, when the reasons and circumstances which let IS happen have disappeared. 

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