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Auf S. 12 der heutigen FTD: Ein guter Artikel über online-Aktivierung durch NGOs, insbesondere im Mittleren Osten.

Online Aktivierung für NGOs

Tactical Technology Collective

Politische Aktivierung - zehn Vorschläge für NGOs

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Umweltgefährliche Projektplanungen in MO-Europa

FoE Europe - Press Release

Eine Liste Positiver Nachrichtendienste

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Wie ein Dollar helfen kann

Poverty Resolutions, Microloan Nonprofit, Shows How Far $1 Can Go To Provide Jobs For Poor

Zeichen der Hoffnung: Kinderheime in Somalia

Tommy Standun: Nursing Southern Somalia Through Civil War And Famine

Korruption in Griechenland

"Corruption in the government and in business threatens to prolong Greece's debt crisis,  Dow Jones Wires quotes a new report by Transparency International Greece. The first assessment of the anti-corruption group shows that the fight against corruption is undermined by the country's government, businesses and civil servants not only failing to stop corruption but actively participating in it. The report urged Greece to improve disclosure rules of political parties, stronger rules to make private companies more transparent and merge existing anti-corruption agencies into a single body. According to an EU corruption survey published this month, 98% of Greeks feel corruption is a major problem in their country, with 88% saying corruption is part of Greek business culture.  A study by the Washington-based Brookings Institution from mid-2010 estimated that corruption costs Greece the equivalent of 8% of GDP per year."

(aus dem heutigen Eurointelligence News Briefing)