Euro-Krise wie ein Domino: Italien, Spanien, Österreich, Frankreich, Belgien

Staaten in Finanznot: Schuldenkrise frisst sich wie ein Krebsgeschwür durch Europa | FTD.de

Deutschland = Verlierer beim Euro

Roland Berger thinks that Germany is the loser of the euro
Roland Berger, founder of the economic consultancy and one of Germany most trusted economic experts, see Germany as a looser of the euro. “The truth is that Germany was among the losers fo the euro in the first decade”, he told Süddeutsche Zeitung. “Since its introduction and until after the world financial crisis we were among the last in terms of economic growth in Europe – together with Italy. In terms of GDP per capita Germany has dropped from the 4th to the 10th place in the EU. The real income has shrunk by 7.4% in Germany since 2000 – so Germans are able to afford less for their work. The export quota into the euro area has gone back from 46% to 41%.” Also Berger thinks the euro is not the reason for the strong position of German companies. The reason for their competitiveness is that their product mix is tailor-made to the needs of emerging countries and that in real terms the German euro has devalued by 21% towards non euro countries and by 18% in relationship with the euro area. “German products and services have become better and nevertheless cheaper”, Berger argues.
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Samaras gibt Rehn einen Korb

New threat to bailout as Greek right rejects more austerity | Reuters

Monti? France noch AAA? Die Märkte sind unbeeindruckt

French spreads are now at 1.65% - a level that is no longer consistent with the country’s AAA-rating. The spreads number for Italy are inconsistent with Italy’s membership of the eurozone, no matter what Mario Monti can achieve.
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Rote Karte für Ackermann

Von der Deutschen Bank versteht der Blogger nicht viel, auch nicht von der Prozessserie, in die ihr personelle Umfeld zur Zeit verwickelt ist. Aber dass der eitle arrogante Ackermann jetzt gestoppt wurde, war die beste Nachricht am heutigen Frühstückstisch.