Muss Hellas zum Frisör? - die Gerüchteküche brodelt

Aus dem Eurointelligence Daily Briefing, 21.4.

  • Greek bank stocks fell 4.6%, and CDS reach new record on rumours of a forced haircut to be imposed this weekend;
  • Greek finance ministry requested a prosecutor to investigate possible criminal conduct, as traders sent an email containing the rumours of an early restructuring;
  • a member of Merkel’s council of economic advisers said Greek debt needs to be restructured;
  • a majority of economists polled by Reuters agree
  • in Germany, parliamentary opposition to the ratification of the ESM is widening;
  • Merkel is coming under pressure to give the Bundestag full co-decision rights;
  • vote on EFSF and ESM has been postponed until the autumn;
  • True Finns leader Timo Soini insists that Spanish banks should participate in a Portuguese bail-out, as a precondition for his acceptance of an EFSF package;
  • two Germany federal states, meanwhile, have agreed to recapitalise the Helaba Landesbank, which would otherwise have failed the stress test. 

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