Kippt die FDP den ESM?

(aus dem heutigen Eurointelligence Briefing)

FDP demands the effective dismantling of the ESM
The FDP is at a point where it is becoming simultaneously weak and dangerous. The party will hold its conference in the next few days, in which the new leadership will try to forge a new eurosceptic compromise, according to FT Deutschland, as part of which the conditions for loans of the ESM will be toughened to such an extent that such loans would in practice never be given. Please note, this is the party leadership compromise proposal. The extreme version, to be table by FDP rebel Frank Schäffler, foresees the abolition of the ESM and the forced exit of eurozone members with excessive deficits (presumably he does not refer to German and France in 2003, only southern European countries). The FDP’s group of the state of Hesse will bring in a motion to force private sector participation as a precondition for all lending. The party leadership’s compromise proposal is not quite so extreme, but it includes the demand for a full parliamentary co-decision rights – which would effectively render the ESM inoperable.