425 plans for orderly exit from the eurozone

425 economists submit plans for orderly exit from the eurozone

In an attempt to win the £250000 of the „Wolfson Economics Prize“, 425 economists from all over the world submitted long and detailed plans for the orderly exit of a eurozone member, Financial Times Deutschalnd and Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung say. A jury composed of five economists –Charles Goodhart, Francesco Giavazzi and Manfred Neumann, Derek Scott, and Jean-Jacques Rosa -  has selected five finalists of which the winner will be announced on July 5. The prize’s sponsor Lord Wolfson, a member of the Conservative party and head of UK clothing retailer Next, said he wanted to make sure that the likely exit of a euro member would happen in an orderly and structured way without causing any panic on the financial markets. The youngest participant is a 10 year old boy from the Netherlands.
(Quelle: Eurointelligence News Briefing von heute)

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