drohender Hellas-Kollaps / Anleihebedingungen für PIGS immer schlimmer

aus dem Eurointelligence Daily Briefing von heute:

  • warning of a collapse of the Greek banking system, and catastrophic social consequences of a default;
  • criticism of Schäuble’s open talk about a debt restructuring as scaring away potential investors;
  • peripheral bonds rise to new records, as investors take fright at restructuring and the prospect of a Finnish No to the Portugal package;
  • a Reuters poll puts the chances of a Greek debt restructuring at 60%;

  • Olli Rehn declares end-game in eurozone crisis management has arrived;
  • Lower Saxony recapitalises Landesbank following silent participation ruling of EBA;
  • the ECB, meanwhile, expressed alarm at the rise in contingent debt.

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